Podcasts—Starting school


Step into Education

​Podcast 1 – Listening to children in the transition to school

​This podcast is designed to support professional conversations about evidence-informed approaches to transition to school and early years practices, as identified in current research and literature. This is the first in a series which will focus on supporting Queensland schools to translate research into everyday practice to:

  • define and understand the term ‘student voice’
  • understand the importance of gathering the perspectives of children during planning and the evaluation of transition programs
  • unpack ethical challenges and children’s perspectives.

Sue Dockett

Sue Dockett is Emeritus Professor, Charles Sturt University, Australia and Director, Peridot Education Pty Ltd. Sue is a co-chair of the Special Interest Group on Transitions at the European Early Childhood Education Research Association. In collaboration with Bob Perry, Sue has been researching and publishing in the transition to school field for almost 25 years.​


Bob Perry

Bob Perry is Emeritus Professor at Charles Sturt University, Australia and Director, Peridot Education Pty Ltd. Recently retired after 45 years of university teaching and research, Bob continues to research, consult and publish in conjunction with Sue Dockett in the field of early childhood, with particular emphasis on transition to primary school, researching with children and evaluation of educational programs.

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Tips for parents

This podcast provides tips to parents on how best to prepare for their child’s move from Kindy to school. Queensland Creche and Kindergarten Association Kindy teacher Desley Jones, Prep teacher Maree Fredrickson and parent of two Iona Tait chat about what they believe can help make the move to school a successful one.

Iona Tait

Iona Tait is a mother of 2 young daughters both of which attend Queensland state schools and have transitioned from Kindy programs to Prep.


Desley Jones

Desley has over 33 years teaching experience in both state preschools and community kindergartens and has also worked as a preschool advisory teacher and private education consultant. Desley has formal qualifications in both education and psychology. She is currently Nominated Supervisor and fulltime teacher at Ballymore Kindergarten.


Maree Frederiksen

Maree has held a variety of roles including Prep Phase-in Teacher, Regional Prep Facilitator and Advisory Visiting Teacher. Most recently she has led the development of professional learning materials for the statewide implementation of age-appropriate pedagogies. She is currently a Prep Teacher and Team Leader at Nundah State School and is passionate about supporting children and their families in successfully transitioning to school.

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Supporting families

This podcasts provides an insight into the changes families go through with the move from Kindy to school with the help of researcher Grant Webb.

Grant Webb

Grant is the principal adviser with the Early Childhood Education and Care Division of the Queensland Department of Education. He has an extensive background in education. He has been a teacher, principal of primary and secondary schools, worked in the university sector and was responsible for establishing the division of Early Childhood Education and Care in the Central Queensland region.

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Last updated 28 April 2022