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COVID-19 vaccinations in ​education settings​



 Parents and carers

 Contractors and labour-hire staff

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COVID-19 vaccinations in ​education settings

From 1am on 30 June 2022, workers in schools or early childhood education and care settings will no longer be required to be vaccinated for COVID-19.

The requirement for workers in education settings to be vaccinated for COVID-19 remains in place until this time.

Learn more about vaccination requirements for workers.


The COVID-19 vaccination requirement applies to anyone who works in, undertakes an educational placement in, or volunteers in a school or approved early childhood education and care settings, including outside school hours care, vacation care, kindergarten, long day care and family day care.

This includes:

  • teachers
  • teacher aides
  • cleaners
  • administration officers, business managers, schools officers, IT staff, agricultural assistants and all school support staff
  • an employee of a company that supplies services to an education setting, such as plumbing, electrical and building services
  • a contract teacher or early childhood instructor engaged for relief work
  • volunteers who assist in delivering support activities and services in education settings such as tuckshop, reading programs, etc.
  • chaplains, entertainers or support workers visiting education settings
  • university students on practical placement, school work experience or traineeship in education settings including early childhood education and care settings
  • psychologists or therapists providing support for individuals in education settings
  • a dentist in a school dental clinic
  • identified staff within regional and central offices who are required to be present in a school as part of their work duties, i.e. where attendance at a school is necessary to fulfil the requirements of their job.​​


Volunteers, including parents and carers, who are delivering a service in an education setting are classified as workers under the vaccination requirement. This includes those volunteering in a school tuckshop, assisting with swimming classes or providing support for reading groups.

Outdoor education centres

The vaccination requirement includes workers and volunteers at Department of Education owned outdoor and environmental education centres.

External camps or outdoor education centres need to comply with the Queensland public health directions​​.


Students of all ages are able to attend school regardless of their vaccination status.

Schools and students will need to follow the health directions for work placements and/or traineeships.

Parents and carers

Parents and carers are not required to be vaccinated in order to enter schools or early childhood services, unless they are volunteering.

Contractors or labour-hire staff

All workers entering a school are required to be vaccinated for COVID-19.

Major contractors such as QBuild are working closely with the department to ensure their contractors adhere to the vaccination requirements.

All schools will need to verify contractor’s vaccination status.

Other visitors

The requirement to be vaccinated for COVID-19 does not apply to people who visit education settings to access or use its services, either for themselves or as a support person for someone else. This includes ​schools, approved early childhood education and care settings,​ including outside school hours care, vacation care, kindergarten, long day care and family day care.

Higher educational facilities, such as universities

Workers in higher educational facilities, such as universities, are not required to be vaccinated for COVID-19.

Proof of vaccination

Accessing COVID-19 vaccination evidence

Individuals are able to access 3 different types of proof that are available for free:

  • a COVID-19 digital certificate
  • your immunisation history statement (IHS)
  • an International COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate for overseas travel.

The COVID-19 digital certificate or immunisation history statement can be viewed and/or printed through:

Checking proof of vaccination for contractors and volunteers

Schools and early childhood services can utilise the Check in Qld app​, or sight vaccination certificates, to gain proof of vaccination for workers, contractors and volunteers. Copies of vaccination certificates do not need to be kept however, a record that vaccination evidence has been sighted will need to be recorded as part of visitor management systems.​

Department of Education staff

Employment Direction – COVID-19 Vaccination

The Director General has issued an employment direction which outlines the COVID-19 vaccination requirements for existing and prospective Department of Education workers (excluding Office of Industrial Relations) who attend a high-risk setting as part of their role or the services they provide.

Employment Direction 1/21 – COVID-19 vaccination was in effect from 15 December 2021 to 9 March 2022.

It has been replaced with Employment Direction 1/22 – COVID-19 vaccination​, in effect from 10 March 2022.​

Departmental staff can access more information on the COVID-19 vaccinations for staff page ( departmental employees only)​​.​

Last updated 24 June 2022