Supply teachers


​As a supply teacher, your role is essential to school staffing. You can often choose between short or long-term contracts in a variety of school settings; it can be a very rewarding and satisfying way to teach.

How to apply for casual and temporary teaching jobs

If you’ve selected 'casual' as one of your employment preferences on your application for teacher employment, you’ll automatically be added to our Teacher Relief and Contract Employment Register (often referred to as TRACER) the next business day.​

Please note, there are additional methods for finding teaching jobs in Queensland​.​

Mandatory induction

All employees are required to complete mandatory all-staff training within a week of starting work with the department. Additional mandatory training requirements based on role, responsibilities and location may also apply. A refresher program is then completed annually.

For supply teachers, school leaders will determine when to provide induction information. They will consider the time frame of employment, the hours employed, the nature of the work, and the geographical location of the employee.

Temporary and casual teachers are advised to complete all mandatory components of induction before their first teaching engagement. Mandatory induction is included in the minimum expectations to teach. A school may cancel their booking with a replacement teacher if evidence of completion is unable to be provided.

The mandatory annual training ready reckoner provides information on required programs.

The induction planner provides a guide for the information you can expect to receive as part of your induction.​​

Policy and procedures

Relevant departmental policies for supply teachers can be found on the Policy and Procedure Register and include:

Professional standards for teachers

The Australian Professional Standards for Teachers are used for registration purposes with the Queensland College of Teachers.

Professional learning

As a professional, you take responsibility for sourcing learning opportunities and meeting the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements associated with registration with the Queensland College of Teachers.

Supply teachers searching for professional development opportunities can investigate options by visiting:

Top tips for a great supply day

  • Dress professionally​
  • Arrive early and ask for relevant school documents and policies – behaviour plan, school maps, list of relevant names (i.e. principal, HOC/HOD), playground roster
  • Bring some of your own resources just in case a class program isn't provided
  • Prepare for the day before the students arrive, where possible
  • Develop a good rapport with your students
  • Display a positive attitude – introduce yourself to the neighbouring staff
  • Communicate your expectations for work and behaviour to the students
  • Keep the students working productively throughout the day
  • Keep the day interesting
  • Accurately record any incidents that happen during the day
  • Leave a note for the teacher about how the day went
  • Tidy up before you leave
  • Be flexible!
Last updated 30 January 2023