​​​​​​​​Our education initiatives aim to improve student performance in Queensland state schools as well as assist aspiring, preservice and current teachers with progressing their careers.​

Junior Indigenous Youth Parliament—Friday 12 May 2023

Schools are invited to nomina​te​ up to 10 Aboriginal students and Torres Strait Island students in Years 5 and 6, to participate in the Junior Indigenous Youth Parliament.​

Equity and Excellence​: realising the potential of every student

Our vision​ for a progressive, high performing education system realising the potential of every student.

Regional Parliament Sitting 2023​

Subsidies are available for a youth engagement program, encouraging students and schools to experience Parliament​ w​hile it is taking place in Cairns in May 2023.​

Homework Centres

Homework Centres ​will provide a supervised and suitable learning environment to support busy families. ​Students can complete their homework before they go home.

Investing for Success (I4S)

The Queensland Government will invest approximately $290 million annually in Queensland state schools through the Investing for Success (I4S) initiative.

For more information, please refer to the Investing for Success (I4S) webpage.

Early Years Plan

The Early Years Plan is the Queensland Government’s plan to support all Queensland children to have a great start in life.

Queensland Children's Wellbeing Framework (QCWF)

The Queensland Children’s Wellbeing Framework aims to provide a common language, aspirations and commitments for the wellbeing of Queensland children aged 0 to 8.

Advancing Queensland State Schools

Advancing Queensland State Schools is a $200 million investment program set to fast track state school infrastructure development.

NAPLAN reviews

Queensland has joined with New South Wales and Victoria to lead a comprehensive cross-jurisdictional review of NAPLAN. It will be informed by the research and findings of the 2018 Queensland Review of NAPLAN.

Autism Hub

The Autism Hub is committed to improving educational outcomes for students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Every Day Counts

Every Day Counts aims to assist in improving student attendance at school through a shared commitment by students, parents, caregivers, schools and the community.

Global schools through languages

Global schools through languages is supporting Queensland state school students to develop a global mindset, enable them to communicate across languages and cultures, and open doors to further study and opportunities.

Collaborative inquiry website

The Collaborative inquiry​ website supports groups to work, learn and improve together within and across our educational settings.

Queensland senior assessment and tertiary entrance

The Queensland Government introduced new senior assessment and tertiary entrance systems for students entering Year 11 from 2019.

Reading Centre

The ​ Reading Centre champions reading as an essential life skill and a rewarding pastime. It provides specialist advice to educators and parents on how to teach reading and support readers, including strategies for students with dyslexia.

Respectful Relationships

The Respectful Relationships education program has been developed as part of the Queensland Government's commitment to address domestic and family violence. Students from Prep to Year 12 will learn the skills they need to develop respectful and ethical relationships free of violence.

Solid Pathways

Solid Pathways—STEM is a unique academic extension program that supports high-achieving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students from Years 4–6.


The department is focused on increasing student performance and participation in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Last updated 10 March 2023