​New state school for Brisbane’s inner west


​​A new state school is being planned for the growing suburbs of Brisbane's inner west, which is programmed to open for Prep to Year 6 students for Term 1, 2024.

The preferred location for the new school is on the site of the former Toowong Bowls Club.

The new inner west state school will increase capacity in the local schooling network and provide enrolment relief to Indooroopilly State School, Ironside State School and Toowong State School.

The delivery of the school for 2024 is a priority for the department, as is the preservation of wildlife in the surrounding area and the staging of construction may need to be re-phased accordingly.

A concept master plan was shared with the community and feedback received between 18 April and 8 May 2022.

A report summarising the feedback received from the community will be available soon.​

Feedback gathered will be considered in the ongoing planning and approval process for the new inner west state school.

Project timeline​​​

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Project status

  • The project is in the design phase.
  • The department has identified a preferred site for the school, following 16 months of consultation and site investigations.
  • Traffic, vegetation, fauna, acoustic, storm water and other impacts on the proposed new site have been considered.
  • A concept master plan has been developed with the community invited to provide feedback between 18 April and 8 May 2022.​

What's next

  • Feedback on the concept master plan will be used to finalise the school design and inform the planning process.
  • A further round of community consultation will be held in the coming months as part of the Ministerial Infrastructure Designation process.

School location

Map showing school site location

Community consultation

April to May 2022

The Department of Education has undertaken 16 months of consultation with the community, with three rounds of consultation delivered.

The most recent period of consultation asked for feedback on the concept master plan for the new inner west state school, and ran for three weeks from 18 April to 8 May 2022.​

Feedback gathered will be considered in the ongoing planning for the school.

A summary of community feedback will be available soon.​

Master plan concept images

The following images were provided to assist the community in understanding elements of the concept master plan. Details were correct at the time of printing and the third round of community consultation (18 April – 8 May 2022), and are subject to change dependant on design developments and refinement.

Site plan – Shows the footprint of the proposed buildings and facilities and notes the Gathering Hall and the courtyard-style learning hub.

Draft concept design (JPG, 493KB) – indicative image of the building design, looking at the site from Perrin Park.

Site section (JPG, 208KB) – Shows a sectional image of the proposed buildings and height in relation to the surrounding environment. Notes the position of the community facility accessible from Gailey Road.

Building levels and known flood level indications (JPG, 261KB)

Vehicle movement (JPG, 431KB)

Pedestrian movement (JPG, 454KB)

Bicycle movement (JPG, 438KB)

Public transport movement (JPG, 396KB)

January to February 2021

The first round of consultation regarding the location of the new school closed on 28 February 2021. In this round of consultation, the community was able to provide feedback on the option of Indooroopilly State High School (ISHS) site and suggest alternative sites for consideration by the department.

June 2021

The second round of consultation regarding the location of the new school closed on 30 June 2021. In this round of consultation, the local community was able to provide feedback on the options of locating the new school at ISHS or the former Toowong Bowls Club.​

Fast facts

Scheduled opening
January 2024

Year levels
Prep to Year 6

Cnr Gailey Road and Heroes Avenue, Toowong


Budget (GST inclusive)
$90 million (subject to detailed design and contract award)

Jobs created
Around 200 jobs (subject to detailed design and contract award)​​

To be appointed

​​Contact us
Email:​ ​​


 Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Why has the former Toowong Bowls Club been identified as the preferred site?

The due diligence conducted by the department has determined that the former Toowong Bowls Club responds well to the site selection criteria identified by the department and shared with the community in earlier rounds of community consultation:

  • Catchment relief—the former Toowong Bowls Club site is able to provide enrolment relief to Indooroopilly State School, Ironside State School and Toowong State School through the development of negotiated catchments.
  • Access to green space—the proposed concept design of the new school incorporates green space onto the ground level of the new school, with additional open play space incorporated into the vertical spaces of the school building. The design also incorporates covered outdoor multi-purpose courts on the roof of the hall, providing all weather play space. 
  • Value for money—by expanding departmental assets in the inner west region the department achieves value for money through the preservation of future building platforms at Indooroopilly State High School, allowing for future growth.
  • Active transport—the former Toowong Bowls Club site is situated near active transport routes, which will give parents and students the flexibility to determine how they travel to the school site. 
  • Safe access—in addition to active transport options, the former Toowong Bowls Club site is able to support safe travel through the provision of a dedicated drop off/pick up area for parents and carers.
  • Suitable size—the platform of the former Toowong Bowls Club provides approximately 1 hectare for the building platform with easy access to Perrin Park facilities for occasional use by the school, in consultation with Brisbane City Council.
  • Community use—the development of the former Toowong Bowls Club site as a state school will enhance the Perrin Park precinct by providing additional facilities that can be used by the community outside of school hours. The concept design for the new school provides space for a community facility managed by the school that may be accessed and used separate to the main school campus.
Why has the school opening been deferred to 2024?

The school is now planned to open for Day 1, 2024 to allow for adequate in-depth planning, the required approvals, site acquisition and consultation before the commencement of construction.

How will the development of the new school be implemented adjacent to the Perrin Park flying-fox colony?

The department acknowledges the important ecological value and status of the flying-fox colony that roost in Perrin Park. The department will not attempt to move the colony, but will work with qualified ecologists and the relevant areas of local, state and federal government to ensure the ongoing health and viability of the colony.

The due diligence undertaken prior to selecting the former Toowong Bowls Club as the preferred site for the new school has determined that, with a range of modifications to the construction methodology and timing, the development of the school will not negatively impact the colony.

As a colony that exists in a highly urbanised environment, ecologists have advised the department that the operation of the school will not pose a risk to the colony.

How will students and staff of the new school be impacted by the Perrin Park flying-fox colony?

The department notes that the school will be located further from the main area of the flying fox colony than the existing Brisbane City Council playground facilities and the SES Depot. Ecologists have advised the health risk to humans from the colony is low, but specialist advice will be sought to ensure all appropriate measures to protect the health of students and staff are put in place. Roofing, shade covers and screens will ensure additional separation of the school from the flying-fox colony, minimising impacts on school operations.

Why was Indooroopilly State High School (ISHS) not chosen as the preferred site?

Following 3 months of feasibility studies and due diligence for both the ISHS and former Toowong Bowls Club sites, the ISHS site was set aside as a site option for the following reasons:

  • The delivery of a new school would encroach more than anticipated in earlier studies on the existing ISHS site.
  • Due to this encroachment, there would be a need for major decanting and reinstatement of ISHS facilities over the project lifecycle, causing significant disruptions to the ISHS community.
  • Existing traffic issues could not be mitigated, with potential traffic solutions creating significant limitation on the design of facilities.​
How can I register to enrol a student in the new school?

The new school administration team will manage enrolment applications following the appointment of the Foundation Principal. Parents and caregivers interested in enrolling children will be able to contact the new school through the school's website or Facebook page when established.

Can I register to become a supplier for the school’s facilities?

The Queensland Procurement Policy 2021 requires there to be a full, fair and reasonable opportunity for Queensland suppliers to supply government. Government tender processes are released to market via the QTenders website.

You can receive emails about new tender opportunities, tailoring them to your industry and location. To register for future tender opportunities, visit QTenders and click on "Suppliers" under "Register". Complete the relevant details for your organisation on this page to receive notifications. We would also encourage you to regularly check the site for other opportunities.

You can monitor the procurement arrangements available across the Queensland Government by visiting the Queensland Contracts Directory. In addition, you may like to consider registering with QBuild for upcoming work they may seek quotes for.

Please contact the service help desk on or (07) 3215 3699 for further information. If you have any questions, please contact the Procurement Support Unit at

What are the construction working hours?

Construction activities are undertaken in accordance with Brisbane City Council regulations, which stipulate that construction begins no earlier than 6.30am and concludes no later than 6.30pm Monday to Saturday. If works are required outside of regulated construction hours, such as night works, the contractor will seek the necessary approvals and keep the local community informed. For more information on construction and noise regulations, please visit the official Brisbane City Council website.

What measures are in place to minimise construction impacts?

Mitigation measures will vary between projects and be adopted by the contractor to reduce impacts during construction. Measures may include: scheduling works to avoid sensitive times, selecting appropriate machinery and equipment, installing noise and environmental impact mitigation treatments, ongoing monitoring and providing advance notice to the neighbouring community.

It is important to recognise that the construction period is temporary and the delivery of new educational infrastructure provides a significant long-term benefit to the broader community.

When will the catchment area for the new school become available?

The catchment area for the new school will be made available in late 2022 in advance of enrolments opening. When available, the new catchment can be found on EdMaps.

What other new schools are being delivered in Queensland?

The department actively monitors enrolment growth across Queensland to ensure all children, no matter where they live, have access to quality educational facilities. When planning for new schools, the department considers capacity of the existing network, the ability to expand existing schools, growth in the local student population and land availability. For more information on new schools being planned and delivered across Queensland, please visit the program page.

Project update registration

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